It's not a science at all

Fruits + Vegetables + Vitamins = Natural healthy energy

Through years of testing and combining, we’ve developed the right mix of formulas to deliver real energy. VPlus works by combining its proprietary formula of healthy energy-boosting ingredients with your own body’s physical activity to create energy.

Back to the Basics of Simple Foundational Nutrition

Our VPlus Energy products are a combination of nutrients that harness the power of nature’s most precious and powerful components, concentrating them into delicious, refreshing nutritional drinks. The VPlus Energy drink is the ultimate in functional hydration and makes getting your Five-A-Day plus so much more convenient. Each serving is loaded with real fruits and vegetables naturally rich in ANTIOXIDANTS and PLANT BASED NUTRIENTS.
When provided with the right nutrition, the human body is miraculously designed to heal, regenerate, and repair. VPlus Energy provides your body with a powerful array of earth-grown nutrients every day, allowing you to create a natural balance from within.

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